Services and Fees

Our professional rate is charged at $225.00 / hour for all matters other than those that are specified below as special rate packages.

Litigation expenses are notoriously difficult to predict, other than that they can be frighteningly expensive. Our practice is to seek to pack as much value into a billed hour as it is practicable to do and to counsel clients with disputes to seek means of resolution other than litigation, if possible.

However, certain kinds of professional services lend themselves to economic flat rate packaging.  The following services are presently available at significantly reduced rates.

Municipal Packages

Special Counsel:

Reduced hourly rates are available for municipal project work as Special Counsel. In these instances, I work together with your Town Attorney on a particular issue or identified project.  Call for an estimate of potential time and significantly reduced hourly or flat rates.

Town Attorney of Record:

On Call All The Time without hourly charges.

Six month term:  $ 5,000.00 payable in advance; Twelve month term:  $9,500.00 payable in two six- month increments in advance.

  • General Representation of the City, Town, Village or Union Municipal District; documents, contracts, leases advance review; requires single point of contact.
  • Includes attendance at up to two Legislative Body meetings per month.
  • Includes attendance at all in-house Administrative Appeals (for instance, administrative appeals heard and adjudicated by municipal panels such as the Development Review Board or Board of Civil Authority).
  • Litigation (including representation in appeals to the Superior Court, Environmental Division) is not included in the flat rate and is charged separately at a reduced rate of $200.00 / hour.

Business Formation Packages, Flat Rate

Our business formation packages include the preparation and filing of documents necessary to form a new business. We obtain the required Employer Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service, unless you specify a preference to use your personal Social Security Number in its stead. We prepare as appropriate, Articles of Incorporation, Operating Agreement, Bylaws, Organizational Consent, and Stock Certificates if needed. Fees may be higher for more complex formations. Unless otherwise stated, our listed flat fees include State of Vermont filing fees but do not include out-of-pocket expenses.

Vermont Domestic Corporation Formation

Corporations      $ 500.00
Limited Liability Companies      $ 500.00
Professional Limited Liability Companies      $ 600.00
Tradename Registration      $ 100.00 per trade name

Vermont Registered Agent Service

As a Registered Agent for your business, we serve as the legal address and contact of record to receive Service of Process on behalf of your business.

In addition, we track and ensure compliance with Vermont’s corporate annual report filing requirements with the Secretary of State. The flat fee does not include the State of Vermont Filing Fee for Annual Reports.

Domestic Corporations:      $ 150.00 per year (plus Secretary of State filing fee)

Foreign Registered Corporations:     $200.00 per year (plus Secretary of State filing fee)

Limited Liability Companies:     $100.00 per year (plus Secretary of State filing fee)

Wills, Trusts and Estates; Flat Rate

Simple Wills, Trusts:      $ 250.00

Advance Directives; Special Power of Attorney for Health Care:  We provide these at No Charge.  These involve issues that are important to sort out and we believe that providing this service without charge may encourage our clients to resolve them.

Spousal Wills and Revocable Trusts, not tax code sensitive:   $750.00 for both spouses.

Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts, tax code sensitive: These are drafted on an hourly basis at our reduced rate of $ 200.00 / hr.

Probate matters are handled hourly at a reduced rate of $200 / hr.

Real Estate Transactions; Flat Rate

Negotiation of the terms of a Purchase and Sale agreement is handled at our open hourly rate.

Single Family Residential, Representation of Seller:    $ 350.00

  • Includes pre-execution review of Purchase and Sale Agreement, Preparation of Vermont Warranty Deed  (or Special Warranty Deed) and all required Seller’s documentation for closing. Attendance at closing is available at additional cost.

Single Family Residential, Representation of Buyer:    $750.00 (plus mileage and municipal clerk expenses)

  • Includes pre-execution review of Purchase and Sale Agreement, Title Search of the real property to be purchased;  Preparation of the Title Opinion and Certificate; Preparation of standard 1 – 4 family Mortgage Deed, review of mortgage financing documents, electronic preparation and filing of Vermont Property Transfer Tax Return and all required Buyer’s documentation for closing. Attendance at closing is available at additional cost.
  • Buyer / Mortgagor Representation involving an out-of-state or online lender:   Add $200.00. These tend to be more complex transactions.
  • Mortgagor Title Insurance is usually required by the Lender for its protection and is available through this firm at an additional cost. Optional Owner’s Title coverage is also available at an additional cost.  You are free to purchase title insurance from any vendor and you are under no obligation, express or implied, to acquire it from us.  We are paid a portion of the premium as a commission on the sale of each title policy, which we disclose.

Attendance at Closing:   $300.00

Commercial Real Estate Transactions are handled at our open hourly rate.

We do not engage in joint representation of parties in a transaction. We do not represent a party and serve as a closing agent for the lender in the same transaction. Payment obligation is not contingent upon a successful closing.

Appellate Consultation, Writing and Editing

Attorneys are welcome to call me for assistance in appellate matters, whether it may involve consultation, editing and polishing existing drafts of appellate briefs, or substantive writing and research. Rates reflect a steep professional courtesy reduction intended to assist my colleagues to deliver a timely, first rate product without duplication of expense to the client.